Thank you for checking out our website and I already have an idea why you’re browsing our about us page. I’m planning to offer you a little bit of info about myself and the reason why I made the choice to put this site together.

This site was developed due to my passion to share the topics that I really like. If you’ll ask anyone who knows me personally, they will certainly agree with this.

One of the subjects that I always like to talk about is anything linked to everything and anything about computers. My relationship with computers began in the time of the Commodore 64.

Many of you’ll surely claim that I am already too old for my looks, but it will not change the undeniable fact that my experience with computers could only be compared with a few folks.

The world of coding and programming was opened to me because of the Commodore 67 and I was really using an old audio cassette recorder as my memory. I am aware a few of you may not know about this, but these audio tape cassette recorders used to be a terrific storage device during that time.

After that, I made the choice to be a devoted self-taught coder and learned lots of new programming languages including HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript and they are all mastered to the best of my ability.

I have been a Windows man for countless years since I wish to try something different every now and then. Apple has always kept everything close to the chest so it was really hard. I really enjoyed helping people who really want to master the computer, programming and coding. Today, computers won’t only be a tool for playing since it may be used in lots of ways.

My parents, both in their 70’s, are fantastic illustrations of how we all now embrace this new technology. Searching questions, video and photo editing, emails and social media and many more can be carried out through the help of computer technology.

Alternatively, I have a son who is 10 years old and he’s been very comfy with using computer technology during the last 3 to 4 years. For him it’s second nature to use his phone, tablet or notebook to help with his homework, play games or watch videos that I still fail to understand.

Essentially, this will inform you that I am really attracted to computer technology and everything connected with it. This blog is made to help me spread my passion. If I might help other individuals share in the satisfaction and enjoyment that the world of computers has offered me, then I can securely claim that my time on this blog is wisely spent.

If there’s anything that you wish to know or you need explaining that is linked to computer, you can tell me right away. You could send an email or you can leave a comment on any of the posts because I always read them.